Monday, July 04, 2011

4th of July!

To my American readers: happy Independence Day!  To everyone else, happy Monday/July 4th!

Rachel and I have been working on our Independence Day outfits, which I'll save for this week's What I Wore Wednesday (because of course they won't be completely finished until 2 minutes before we walk out the door for the day's festivities...)  Lavella was supposed to have her own outfit as well, but... as I'm already late with pulling my own together, and I realized that Lavella will actually spend much of the day in her swimsuit flying down an inflatable water-slide...I've decided to be reasonable for once. (!!)

I hope your day is full of firecrackers, watermelon, outdoor grilling, friends, family, and fun!  (...And maybe a cookie or two.)  (Or five.)

Rachel's chocolate chip cookies
(Recipe from Dana at MADE)

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