Monday, July 04, 2011

Summer Trip wrap-up

With Rachel here and the projects, cooking, and little outings that we're busying ourselves with, last week allowed me no blogging time.  Now that Greg's family is here in Texas as well and our household has swollen from 6 to 10 people, I really have no energy or time to properly catch up on the Pennsilvania half of our trip.  I've got everything organized in Flickr sets, and the entire trip gathered into one collection, but I'll share just a few last shots here... (I so prefer to blog in the moment -- catching up is so difficult to write about when there are so many things happening right now.)

On one of the last days of our trip, we went to a Cooperate Challenge race that Greg's dad Pete was competing in.


As we were watching the racers go by, we noticed a familiar hulking figure tear by:


...Strangely enough, with no number pinned to his chest.


(On the 2nd time around, he tore off his shirt and carried it for the rest of the race)

And here comes one of the LEGAL racers...

As it turned out, Caleb had arrived at the community college to work out at the gym, and saw a race lining up right outside the doors.  So he decided to work out by racing instead.  Apparently, even if you're a huge guy with no number, no one will notice if you just start at the back of a crowd of 400 racers.


Had he been a registered racer, he would have placed towards at least the top 10 or 15.  Go Caleb!  ...I think.

On Friday, the day before we headed back, we headed out to Fireman's Field Days in Greg's hometown, for some good old fashioned country fun: a little bit of rain, lots of sweets, and plenty of penny prizes for the children.  The night ended with glow sticks and fireworks.  A lovely ending to our road trip.









Portrait with Greg's family

For more pictures of our trip, click through to our Summer Visits Collection on Flickr.

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