Monday, June 27, 2011

Making dresses

Summer has begun in ernest.  In the business of swimming lessons, nightly fun swim, playing, cooking, and crafting, it seems that there's just no room left in the day for blogging...and often, not even time to take pictures.  The other day I handed the camera over to Andrew, and he captured an afternoon of dress-making.

Kitchen Sew-shop

My friend Lisa came over for the afternoon with her sewing machine, and we transformed my kitchen into a sew-shop, while I helped Lisa and Rachel work on shirred projects using elastic thread (I have one of my machines set with the proper bobbin tension, so it was just easier for everyone to use that one when they got to that part of their projects).

Kitchen Sew-shop

It's been so much fun getting to spend time with Rachel here in Texas.  We're so glad that she agreed to come back with us for a visit!

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