Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ice cream birthday cake

Elijah's birthday was on Wednesday last week.  Even though we had a party planned for the weekend, I still wanted to do something special to celebrate on his actual birthday.  My mom made a gigantic pot of chicken soup, I made a quadruple batch of biscuits (6 pans of biscuits, my friends.  I had cookie cutter fatigue!), and Isaiah and I made two ice cream cakes.

Making ice cream cake with Chazz

We made it in the simplest way possible: we bashed up Oreos, mixed it with melted butter, and pressed that into the bottom of a spring-form pan.

Making ice cream cake with Chazz

Next, we pressed a layer of softened vanilla ice cream, sprinkled more bashed up Oreos over, and finally pressed one more layer of vanilla ice cream over the top.

Making ice cream cake with Chazz

I froze it for several hours before serving, then released it from the pan by blasting the sides for a few seconds with a blow-dryer.

In the past, I've put a layer of whipped cream over the top of my ice-cream cakes as frosting, but this time I decided that simple was best, so we served it just as it was, with no adornment besides the candle.

Max, blowing out the candle on his ice cream cake

It wasn't the most attractive cake ever, but Elijah loved it, and it was enjoyed by everyone else as well.  The simplest birthday cake ever!

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