Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rachel's Dance Recital

One last post from our visit last week before we move on over to our adventures in Pennsylvania!

This past Saturday afternoon, Lavella and I went with Joy and my parents to watch Rachel perform Irish Dance at her recital.

Rachel's dance recital

There were several styles of dance, and a handful of other dance classes from this year that also did Irish dance numbers, but her group was the most together by far, and did a really beautiful job.  I was so proud of her, and it was fun to see what she'd been working on learning all year!

Rachel's dance recital
(Rachel is 2nd from right)

Rachel's dance recital

There was no flash-photgraphy allowed, so getting good pictures was a bit frustrating, but there you go, Grandma Claire!  I know you wish that you could have been there.  Sorry I didn't get a video!

Lavella enjoyed watching the dances...

Daisy, sleeping at Rachel's dance recital

...until she fell asleep in Joy's arms.  At least she managed to stay awake long enough to watch Rachel!

Daisy, sleeping at Rachel's dance recital

For more miscellaneous pictures of our time at my parents' house, you can click through to the Flickr set here.

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Absolutely beautiful!