Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Karaoke Girl's Night Out

On Friday night, Joy and I got all dressed up to go out with friends to a karaoke bar in Austin.

Karaoke Night

I decided to wear black and silver (this outfit), but made up my eyes in turquoise (the Mermaid Collection "Temptress" and "Croma" combination in this Concrete Minerals review), and painted my nails sparkly turquoise, so at the last minute, I realized I needed a turquoise hairpiece to pull it all together.

I pulled out a bag of colored feathers and a glue gun (and some felt and a hairclip)...

Turquoise feather fascinator

And: viola!  A feathered fascinator!

Turquoise feather fascinator

Because there's nothing like a last minute accessory to pull it all together.  (Also known as: I need the pressure of an imminent deadline to get anything accomplished.)

Gotta love those plastic dinosaurs on the bathtub behind me.  'Cause that's classy.

And false eyelashes.  It's all about the false eyelashes.

Karaoke Night
Angela, me, Joy, Jenny (photo courtesy of Kristin Graham)

Karaoke Night
My friend Jenny and I (photo courtesy of Kristin Graham)

Karaoke Night
Jenny, Becca and Susanne (I suspect Jenny was trying to get into every picture) (not that Jenny would EVER do that!)  :-)  (photo courtesy of Kristin Graham)

Karaoke Night
Jenny and I attempting to sing "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer", which, as it turns out, neither of us knew.  (Photo courtesy of Val Wilson)

Becca and I at karaoke
Becca and I

Karaoke Night
"Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli-lolli-pop..."  (Photo courtesy of Val Wilson)

Joy refused to sing, which was sad, but we had a super fun time together, and I was so glad that she had an opportunity to get to know my friends a little.  She said after "I really like your friends, and I can see why you want to stay here forever."

Joy and I at karaoke

Good times!  For more pictures of our night, click through to our Flickr set here.

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Jenny_Phillips said...

Great feather addition to your hair!! It looked "BIG EYES" AWESOME! I loved getting to know Joy and I am so happy that she got to meet me (BIG SMILE but not for her because that hurts). I was trying to get into every picture, it is part of my plan. I would hate it if people forgot about me.