Sunday, July 10, 2011

Roller Derby night

On Saturday, the last night of my in-law's visit, we took them to see some Roller Deby.

Rachel and I dressed almost identically.  Oops!

Rachel and I waiting to get into Roller Derby...accidentally dressed alike

We stood in the 102° Texas heat to get into Roller Derby (we always try to get there 45 minutes before doors open so that we can get good seats),

Greg and I, waiting to get into Roller Derby

I brought my embroidery with me so that I could finish up a baby shower gift (due the next day!)  I got a few strange looks, but hey!  It's Roller Derby, so anything goes!

Stitching at Roller Derby

And it begins at last!

TXRD Rhinestone Cowgirls vs. Las Puntas Del Fuego

Watching Roller Derby

We've started making it a tradition to leave at halftime to go get dinner somewhere -- Roller Derby is fun, but after about an hour, I'm ready to do something else!

We went to the strip of food trucks on South Congress ("SoCo"), and got some fantastic crunchy/sweet/spicy chicken and avocado in paper cones with coleslaw and spiced french fries.  We love The Mighty Cone!

Eating at The Mighty Cone

Eating at The Mighty Cone

View of Austin from South Congress at night
View of Austin from SoCo at night

We stopped at Amy's Ice Cream for dessert, but Rachel and I were so full that all we could fit were ices.  I got Spicy Watermelon, which had the salt/lime/chile seasoning from Mexico that is popular around here.  A perfectly refreshing end to our meal.

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wendy said...

sounds like you had a great visit with Pete and Jill. I see that Jill's arm is all wrapped up, I hope she didn't injure it to bad.