Wednesday, July 06, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday: Independence Day (Sister Style)

Last week Rachel made her first dress!  We picked out similar fabrics and made dresses for a backyard BBQ/Independence Day party that we were going to on Monday.  (...Yes, I cut my hair, and it was sort-of unplanned.  We'll save the full story for another day.)

What I Wore Wednesday: Independence Day
Details: Mendocino dress pattern made up in a "homespun" buffalo check from Jo Ann Fabrics, polka-dot Payless wedges on me, Target flip-flops on Rachel, bandana headband (mini-tutorial tomorrow), Target sunglasses on me, Old Navy sunglasses on her.

It's so much fun to put together a themed outfit.  Rachel and I may be 18 years apart, but we've always had this in common: we love a good costume.

I painted my nails in red, white and blue stripes, which made me smile every time I looked at them.  (First I painted a white stripe down the middle and let it dry.  Then I added red and blue on either side.  I'm sure there are more precise ways to do it, but my time was limited, and I loved the results regardless!)

What I Wore Wednesday: Independence Day

I'm also completely in love with appliqué right now.  Why haven't I done more of this?  I can feel an appliqué bender coming on...

I found these hemp wedges at Payless -- cute heels to give me a little height, but the hemp keeps it down-to-earth enough to wear it to a family-style party.

What I Wore Wednesday: Independence Day

What I Wore Wednesday: Independence Day

It's been such a privilege to get a chance to spend time with Rachel, and work on projects together.  I love my beautiful sisters!!

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Celeste said...

How cute your hair is!  It's like Mia Farrow's back in the day. 

I'm a serious applique freak, so can I just extend a big fat "welcome" to your new obsession?  LOL