Monday, July 11, 2011

Monogrammed Pillowcase Baby Dress

Embroidery.  I've been on a crazy embroidery kick lately, and there's no help for it.  Also, remember that appliqué rabbit-hole that I promised I'd fall into?  Behold:

Pillowcase Dress for Becca's Baby

Best Friend Becca (or BFB as we like to call her) is due in September with Girl-Baby "C".  Sunday afternoon was her baby shower, so of course I waited until Saturday to make this little dress.  (OF COURSE.)

Becca's Baby Shower
Becca on the left, and on the right is the fabulous host of the shower, Jenny (a.k.a. Wanna Be Derby Girl)

I monogrammed the dress (Heat 'N Bond ironed onto the back of the "C", then stitched onto the garment with zig-zag on my machine), and hand-embroidered two little owls playing among cattails around it the letter.  The owls from the "Woodland Creatures" page in Amy Ray's Doodle Stitching: the Motif Collection.  I free-handed the cattails, because I wanted them to look organic to the the design.

Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection: 400+ Easy Embroidery Designs

This is the project I was working on in yesterday's Roller Derby post.  (TOTALLY appropriate.)  (YES, I got some funny looks.)  (Also, I do realize that if Baby "C" ends up as a Derby Girl, they will absolutely blame ME.)

Pillowcase Dress for Becca's Baby

I'm pretty in love with how this came out.

Pillowcase Dress for Becca's Baby

I made this a 3-month size, and since the straps tie and the top is stretchy, this will be able to grow with the baby into a tunic top.  It's also machine washable (incredibly important!), since the fabric is simple cotton sheeting.  There are not many things sweeter than a tiny girl in a simple white dress.  It seems impractical, but the truth of it is: if there is a spill (and there will ALWAYS be a spill!), it can be very simply bleached out.

Here are the specs I sketched out for this size (posted here for posterity, since I am sure that I will need it again for future baby gifts):
Specs for 3-month size Pillowcase Dress

Now I want to monogram some skirts and dresses for Lavella too.  She's learning her letters, and would be thrilled to find "her" letter on her things!

I'm sure Becca will blog her shower more thoroughly, but here are a few more shots:

Becca's Baby Shower
Rachel and I

Becca's Baby Shower
Lisa R. and I

Becca's Baby Shower
Jenny, our Very Favorite Party Planner (VFPP)

Becca's Baby Shower
Becca opening the Pillowcase Dress with LOTS of help

You can click through any of these pictures to see more of the shower!

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