Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cheerful Bathroom Decor

Since we moved to Texas, decorating our house has been something that I've been doing slowly and thoughtfully, adding things here and there as I am able to handmake or sometimes buy; my ideas for How I Want The House To Look growing and expanding as I gradually personalize this space that we call home.

This past summer, I decided that the children's bathroom needed a makeover.  Greg had chosen the color scheme, shower curtain and sink accessories (toothbrush holder, tissue-box cover, soap dispenser) about 5 years ago when we moved to Georgia.  Back then it had been kind of elegant and sexy; here in this house, it kind of looked out of place, and the shades of gold, taupe, brown and burgundy looked almost...dare I say it...drab.  I wanted something more fun -- something that was a little more light-hearted and child-friendly.  At Ikea, I found the perfect, bright canvas fabric, printed with a cheerful mod-style country landscape...and then the yardage just sat in my stash for about 6 months.  This past weekend, I finally pulled it out, and sewed up the shower curtain that has been in my mind ever since I first laid eyes on it:


I was able to find towels in pink and green to coordinate, and now I just need to find acceptable sink things, and the bathroom will be complete.


I chose to do buttonholes instead of grommets -- I think that the fabric is tough enough to last without the metal, and I like the simpler look.

For now, we're all just enjoying the big, bright cheerfulness that has invaded the tiny bathroom.


I will probably change out these curtain hooks for something a bit less serious, but for now, I'm just using what we had before.


And after all of that procrastination, it only took one afternoon!  (I have a bit of extra fabric that will probably become a wall hanging and some couch pillows to brighten up the playroom/guest bedroom.  Such a fun print!)

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