Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Jonah's birthday party

For Jonah's 2nd birthday last month, we decided to forgo a large party in favor of a day at home with just the 6 of us.  Every year we try to make the time to put together a little gingerbread village, and it turned out to be the perfect party activity for a two-year-old...meaning that he was allowed to eat candy for 2 hours straight while the rest of us decorated.  (AGGGHHH!!!  WHITE SUGAR COMA!!)  Not all that healthy -- especially for a family of mostly non-candy-eaters, but sometimes...well, it was fun.  Anyway!  on to the party!






Andrew's house was the most fantastical, and we couldn't help but laugh when we really took a look.  So cute and twisted and whimsical.  He just wouldn't stop layering on the candy and frosting; it's a good thing that I actually baked solid gingerbread pieces this year instead of using the usual graham crackers.  The crackers would probably have shattered under all the weight!



Once we were done, we lit a "2" candle and sang happy birthday to our big guy.


Just as Greg was lighting the candle, Lavella reached forward to touch something on the still wet village, and was sharply repremanded.  Greg and I looked at each other, looked at her, response.  Interesting, because usually she's super offended by the slightest correction.  Part-way into the Happy Birthday song...


As it seems, sometimes, there's a rather delayed reaction.


"Da-ha-ha-ha-hady said don't touch the house...."

Oh my goodness.


After, Jonah opened up his gifts.  He was so impressed that everyone was actually encouraging him -- our resident Book Destructo -- to shred paper.


Jonah would like to formally thank everyone for his gifts.

And especially for all of that lovely, crinkly paper that he was allowed to rip.  For more pictures of his very, very, VERY sweet little party, click through to the Flickr set here.



a.susie said...

I LOVE Andrews...chimney...falling...kinda...over?

Anonymous said...

Adorable, snow-covered gingerbread houses. They look good enough to eat!

Lavella's cry: Either that (the reprimand) or it could be reverting back to when she cried when everyone sang Happy Birthday to her when she was two. Ya never know.