Friday, January 14, 2011

Link-tastic Friday

I've been out shopping all day WITHOUT THE CHILDREN, which means that I went to about eleventy-billion places and am subsequently exhausted and have a headache.  Although the headache might be more because I forgot to bring (or even buy) water.  Not the smartest of plans.  However, it was fun!  Greg had the day off, and spent it here with the children so that I could accomplish grocery shopping PLUS whatever else I needed/wanted to do.  And I needed/wanted to do A LOT.  Thusly, I am not going to give you little write-ups for the links today, I'm just gonna throw them at you.  Apologies in advance!

However, before we can get to the links, in keeping with the Long And Storied tradition of Linktastic Fridays, I would like to share some random and completely unrelated things with you.

Firstly: I finished the hat that I showed you on Wednesday.  And then yesterday, I knit another one.  I even surprised myself.


My Aunt Allie has wanted these hats for quite a while, so I finally just kicked myself into gear and KNIT THEM UP.  I will be sending these off tomorrow, and she will have a very warm-headed second half of winter.

Secondly: Andrew and Elijah both got awards at school for perfect attendance; the awards ceremony was yesterday morning.



And now for the links.

Looking Fabulous:
  • Most mascara clumps up on me, but Neutrogena mascara Healthy Volume works well, even when I do 3 or 4 coats for a more dramatic look.


Food (savory):

Food (sweet):

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