Thursday, January 20, 2011

One moment in the afternoon

Yesterday Elijah came home from school with a new library book, and immediately pulled it out.  "It has stitches that somebody sewed on the pictures, and I thought that you would like it!"  I was so touched -- he had found this book with hand-embroidery in the pictures when his class was at the library, and wanted to get it especially for me.


We read it together right away, and, as usual, he sat as close as he possibly could to me, my arm around him, his head leaning into my shoulder.  As rough and difficult as he can sometimes be, these tender moments are all the sweeter.

(This book, Secret Seahorse, is a very special book to look at -- each page has a hand stitched mosaic of fabric.  I intend to buy this book soon for our home library.)

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