Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Floral circle skirt

Continuing on the circle skirt theme...

I actually made two of these today.  There was one with purple polka dots that didn't make it.  That was a little bit sad.

Style notes: Shroom hat, Old Navy striped v-neck,  Navy Tweed Cardi, Frye cowboy boots.

I had to re-do the waistband twice on the purple skirt (not shown), and still somehow the hem edge doesn't hang properly.  Ah well.  I'm totally in love with this one though. 

And I think I need a hair-bow to go along with it.  Or maybe an embroidered felt embellishment on a clip.  Mostly, this skirt just makes me want to go all mismatched and sort of hobo.  I initially put this on with my muted teal February Lady Sweater, but it didn't match the blue of the print, and I thought that all of you would care.  In real life though, I'll probably just wear it with the teal sweater.  And fuchsia tights.  Because I'm suddenly all about rocking the miss-matched, and I don't care who knows it.

Once again, skirt tutorial is from Made.  Thank you Dana for posting such a helpful tutorial, and just when I started thinking about circle skirts.  Love it when that happens.

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Anonymous said...

You need the tights...or leggings...it's COLD out there!