Monday, January 10, 2011

Yellow and Grey

I made a circle skirt!


There is black elastic sewn on to the top to create the waistband -- tutorial found here at Made.

A circle skirt is called such because it is literally made out of a circle with a hole cut in the middle for the waist.  This creates a bias-drape which is flattering and very, very, swishy and full.

(You can't tell, but this was beautifully ironed...and then I wore it for 2 seconds.  Such is the joy of pure linen.  But for the drape, the feel, the's all worth it.)

No close-ups though; the skirt edges are a little scary.  I was learning to use my serger for the first time... (the fabric seems to be continually guided out from under the presser foot -- a friend suggested that I play with thread tension, so I'll revisit this in the near future.)

I also made a matching hair-bow, and attached that to a small alligator clip.


Probably, I should make matching hair-bows for everything.  EVERYTHING.  (Tutorial over here at A Beautiful Mess.)

Fabric for skirt was a thrifted linen tablecloth.  Shirt from Old Navy, control-top leggings from Wal Mart, handknit Noro socks hidden inside the boots, Frye Billy Stud cowboy boots (yup, I finally bought the black ones -- happy New Year to me!)


Now I want to make an entire week's worth of circle skirts.  They're just so twirly, I want to wear one every single day.


The Kansas City Hoovers said...

I saw that skirt on Linktastic Friday and think I will have to try one eventually! You do things so fast! Love it!

a.susie said...

VERY cute!
And, by the way, I loved Lavella's apron!